Doctrine of the NAME Instead of Onto-Theology

ShangDi The following text is the revision of my farewell lecture at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong delivered in September 2008. It is published in THEOLOGY & LIFE Annual Theological Journal No.36 (2013): tianzhu_godABSTRACT: Western academic theology, under the impact of Platonic ideology and Aristotelian ontology, largely ignores the primacy of the NAME (YHWH) over “God” (Elohim) in Scripture. “God”, as a common noun, cannot denote the identity of the ONE who revealed himself as “the God of Israel” and “the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” It is the NAME comprising HIS covenantal faithfulness and HIS salvific deeds which evokes faith in HIM. Therefore Christian doctrine can be called ONOMATOlogy, the doctrine of the NAME, which excludes any kind of onto-theology.

Shen Gott

The complete article can be downloaded here:

Teuffel – Doctrine of the NAME Instead of Onto-Theology (Theology & Life)

Tetragramm Trinität - Dom St. Blasien

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