Kornelis H. Miskotte on the unutterable NAME in his „When the Gods are silent“: „The meaning and purpose of the Old Testament is this: to verify with all the means of language the confession ‚YHWH is the Godhead‘ is ‚irreversible.‘ From the time of the Apologists the church, and from the time of Philo and later of Maimonides the synagogue, have been pursuing the path of reversibility.“

It was Kornelis Heiko Miskotte, who introduced the importance of the NAME for Christian Theology: The Unutterable Name By Kornelis … Mehr

Kornelis Heiko Miskotte about Narrative Theology in his „When the Gods are Silent“: „In our conviction the Bible is essentially a narrative, a story, which we must pass on by retelling it. And in this way it can come about that the story may ‚happen’—so to speak, in an ‚unbloody repetition’— to those who listen to us. Look!—this is the way God dealt with men back there; but because it is he, will he not also deal with you in the same way?“

It was Kornelis Heiko Miskotte, who first introduced the relevance of a narrative theology in his book „When the Gods … Mehr