Gerhard Sauter, To Give an Account of Hope: „Dogmatics is accused of closing all discourse instead of opening it. But carefully investigated, dogmatics relies on tried and tested experiences in thinking to be thought through again and developed further. It is a movement in thinking that is addressed by God’s immense, tireless, and often disturbing actions and blessed with the abundance of God’s promises.“

To Give an Account of Hope By Gerhard Sauter I was born on May 4, 1935, in Kassel (Hesse), in … Mehr

Georg Froelich (1500-1575) as the first Protestant advocate of religious tolerance in his writing ‚Whether Secular Government Has the Right to Wield the Sword in Matters of Faith‘ (March 1530): „Christians, Jews, Anabaptists, etc., all would be free to establish and observe without hindrance those doctrines and ceremonies which they regard as right and by which they hope to come to God, but in separate places, namely the Christians in their churches, the Anabaptists and Jews in their designated houses or synagogues.“

In general, Sebastian Castellio (1515-1563) is regarded as the first Protestant scholar who had spoken out for comprehensive religious tolerance. … Mehr

Reinhold Niebuhr about Karl Barth „Why Is Barth Silent on Hungary?“ 1957: „Some of the political framework of Barth’s judgments is furnished by his ill-disguised anti-Americanism and by what he regards as our “worship of the dollar.” Some of it is given by his belief that the struggle is not between communism and democracy but between Slav and Ger­man.“

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Heinrich Vogel, Christ the Centre. The Christological Centrality of the Barmen Declaration (1984): „I myself confess to a doxological ort­hodoxy, that is, to the acknowled­gement of the truth revealed to us in the Holy Scripture, the truth whose name is Jesus Christ. Even if we fail in our attempts to recognize this truth, unable to transcend our limi­tations, then and there, in our fai­lure, we are called to adoration.“

Christ the Centre. The Christological Centrality of the Barmen Declaration[1] By Heinrich Vogel I must begin with a confession. It … Mehr

Reinhold Niebuhr, Why the Christian Church Is Not Pacifist (1940): „A simple Christian moralism is senseless and confusing. It is senseless when, as in the World War, it seeks uncritically to identify the cause of Christ with the cause of democracy without a religious reservation. The fact is that we might as well dispense with the Christian faith entirely if it is our conviction that we can act in history only if we are guiltless. This means that we must either prove our guiltlessness in order to be able to act; or refuse to act because we cannot achieve guiltlessness. Self-righteousness or inaction are the alternatives of secular moralism.“

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