„GIVE Thy Blessing, O Father, to the people of that great and fair land, with whose rulers we are at war“ – A British Prayer for Germany during World War I

A British priest saying a prayer over a German soldier during World War I

A British Prayer for Germany during World War I

This prayer for Germany, attributed to Ms Lucy Gardner, was commended by The Right Reverend Charles Gore CR, Bishop of Oxford, for use in churches for the duration of World War I:

GIVE Thy Blessing, O Father, to the people of that great and fair land, with whose rulers we are at war.
Strengthen the hands of the wise and just, who follow charity and look for justice and freedom, among them as among us.
Drive away the evil passions of hatred, suspicion and the fever of war, among them as among us.
Relieve and comfort the anxious, the bereaved, the sick and tormented, and all the pale host of sufferers, among them as among us.
Reward the patience, industry, loving-kindness and simplicity of the common people and all the men of good heart, among them as among us.
Forgive the cruelty, the ambition, the foolish pride, the heartless schemes, of which the world’s rulers have been guilty.
Teach us everywhere to repent and to amend.
Help us so to use our present affiliations, which come from us and not from Thee, that we may build on the ruins of our evil past a firm and lasting peace.
Grant that, united in a good understanding with these who are now become our enemies, though they are our brethren in Christ, they and we may establish a new order, wherein the nations may live together in trust and fellowship, in the emulation of great achievements and the rivalry of good deeds, truthful, honest and just in our dealings one with another, and following in all things the standard of the Son of Man, whom we have denied, and put to shame, and crucified afresh upon the Calvary of our battle-ground.

Hier der Text als pdf.

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